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The past month has been hectic with work and I had been dreaming of a small holiday somewhere close. Summer cottage weekend would already do the trick but an invitation to visit Ulricehamn in Sweden to get to know Bolon factory, Lake house & Urban house was definitely something I was not going to pass on.

I have lately become more & more found of Bolon not only for their great products but most specially for their great customer service and dedication to make sure you always have the broadest experience whenever you walk through those showroom doors. Our designer’s trip with Bolon was no different and more importantly, it turned into a full lesson on Sustainability and what it means to achieve real sustainable development in todays world.

So for however beautiful, modern and what not about the Bolon concept, I would like to focus on what impressed me the most. By far, it was the workshop held by Sofie Ekwall who thought us about how Bolon is constantly developing not only a sustainable product but a sustainable work environment and way of living. We had a full workshop on their process of sustainability where we learned facts I would have otherwise needed to attend a chemistry class to learn. They definitely know their thing.

Bolon has all its production housed in Ulricehamn, Sweden where it first began as a camping mat company founded by Nils-Erik Eklund. The camping mat is still produced at their factory but sold by another company. 33% of a Bolon product is made of their own produced waste, however, all the waste produced in-house isn’t enough to support the demand for material. Waste must be purchased and it is not as easy of a job as I though it was. The waste must be of a high standard quality so Bolon buys it’s waste from their own European suppliers. For instance modern best practice PVC is necessary to be accepted by Bolon in to their recycling process and they want to be 100% sure they can trust their wast is prime. Absolutely nothing is left outside. The whole recycling happens in-house and the machinery brakes all the particles up until only a very small parcel is left to be burnt but even then, the energy produced by the burning process is reused.

I was so sceptical about the whole use of PVC but I now feel free to use and abuse of any vinyl produced under Bolon standards.


“One of designer Petra Lundblad’s moodboads. Don’t you just wanna touch it?!” 


“This terrazzo like surface was created but using the backing material of floors and leftover cuts of vinyls.”

The design process also happens under the same roof as the production which allows the designer’s team to be able to put their creations to test as easy as 1, 2, 3. The designing process is very crafty. Designers are able to create freely and using a very analog approach like building mood boards with pieces of materials, magazine’s cut outs and whatever they feel the need to bring into the picture to get the exact feel they are looking for. Petra Lundblad, the designer behind our workshop, showed us a picture of herself dump diving for inspiration what made me feel all warm and fuzzy as I am myself a huge fan of dump diving and I have found to be one of the greatest source of inspiration for creativity (and a pretty good exercise sometimes – Trash pick ups can be quite a climb).


                “There was a club and a full bar in the basement. I hope I get to come back for some dancing in here.”

“A bit of creepy added is always a YES for me!”

“I had my own little forest to sleep in!

We had 6 rooms to choose from. Some where big and fancy, some had a french feel to it. I chose the room number 6, The Birch room. It was the smallest but yet the cosiest of all rooms. It felt like I carried my bed to the forest. Or almost like it, my bed is nice and comfy but not that comfy I tell you!


Some of us got to sleep in this idyllic place surrounded by nature but all of us got to enjoy dinner and hear about all the great tales of gatherings and parties held by the Eklund sisters in this place.

After 2 days filled with workshops, great meals and an extensive look into the production process, I was left with one thought about Bolon… Fearless. They are not joking when they use the word BOLD to describe their mindset. BOLD with responsibility and surely and example to be followed.

For the professionals or anyone looking into Bolon as an option for your projects, don’t hesitate to reach out to their sales team. Those ladies will sweep you off your feet with their professional knowhow and crazy good humour. You’re in for a treat!

Have a great weekend!