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During spring time, I was longing for something green elsewhere than my walls.

I am one for using colors and am rarely afraid of mix matching un-obvious shades together. However, I do love natural palettes and currently I feel like adding more of if specially to my home. Our home is small. It’s our first home and I am so happy with the changes we’ve made and the colors we’ve chosen but lately I have craved something green in the living area. We have dark green velvet curtains in the living room and I wanted to enhance that.

Since we moved, and found out most of our furniture doesn’t fit in the new place and that we have a lot less storage space than in our rental apartment, I understood I could not let go of my good old IKEA Bestå cabinet. I have two low 120 cm width bestå cabinets that we used as our tv stand and as boring as it may be, I always like the simplicity of the bestå cabinets and they were the best solution for our budget at the time. Now in the new house, after all the renovations, the budget is again and issue and the cabinets are an even better solution for the space we have and solves a lot of my lack of storage problems. So, after letting go off a lot of my tv stand options dreams, I started to think of a DIY project using the bestå cabinets as base. I even got as far as 3D modelling a few ideas when I stumbled across DOORIE.

Maybe because the universe was working with me, DOORIE was at the same time, looking into launching a new color for their low cabinets selection and from those needs, this collaboration was born. I got to design, together with Doorie, a new color for their collection.

Green was my chart for this task. So I jumped into my color samples and materials and we ended up deciding for this greenish CLAY shade. Soft enough to match most greys and beiges, the strongest interior choices right now but with a clear hint of green that ads an edge to the room while being forgiving with plenty of accent colors. The clay shade is very close to Tikkurila S458 (Markasiitti) in case you want to be

This was the perfect solution for our living room storage/budget/need for something new issue.

Easy to assemble, DOORIE has a clear and simple instruction menu on their website in addition to the manual sheets that come in the package. To make things a little easier and faster, you need a helping hand for holding plates on their exact places while the other does the drilling. I can safely say you may want to add a bottle of sparkling to your necessary tools too! We did and it made the work all the more fun and we ended up having a great time with our friend who is always my plus one for building anything. My friend being a carpenter, we were very fast at putting it together, maybe 2 hours (ok, 3… we had wine in between) and what took most of the time was attaching the two cabinets together and adding the legs. The doors and sideboards were as simple as 1 + 1 with attention to adjusting the hinges to the right position so your doors are on the perfect place.

I love how the color blends nicely with the warm shades I have in my home, like the entrance hall behind the living room wall where the cabinet is placed, is all in Etruski (S471) by Tikkurila.

Doorie also has a great selection of top counters, made to measure sliding doors and handles. The customer service is outstanding and they will reply to you anytime, any day. I heard a rumour that a selection of legs might be coming into the picture sometime soon. The simple black legs in our cabinet are from Bauhaus and are doing a good job right now.

The best about it all, is that we got to add a new look in a sustainable way. The base is still the same, with almost no waste (beside the old doors that were in a terrible condition after years of use and a few too many marks left from accidents and small children art projects). We used our old IKEA hinges for the doors and they work just fine(Doorie offers hinges in their selection as well). And I love the new doors and sideboards are now carpenter made and it gives the cabinet that design look of a well thought and crafted minimal and functional furniture.

So if you are looking for a beautiful, sustainable and reasonably priced way to make some upgrade into your Ikea cabinets (BESTÅ and PAX systems), Doorie has it figured out for you.

Please note that the new color CLAY is currently available only for the low cupboard models.