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Our old iMac serves of TV and gaming station. One of those pieces I would rather avoid on a kids room but no can do. Playing SIMS is a non negotiable activity here.

Yes. You heard it. Therapy.

2019 started heavy. Lots to organise, think, rethink, some confusion, plannings and decisions to make. To top it all, the winter darkness was starting to get the best of me for real. After some considerable amount of time spent feeling not quite sure if the year had started as fresh as I hoped for, I decided to increase my D vitamin intake and started on a To-Do list of things that would make me feel better.

In that list, against all the promises I made to my husband (that I would not renovate anything until summer and dramatic statements as please take the paint buckets and brushes out of sight) I find myself writing down the words “Change a wall color” to my “feel good” list.

Just a few weeks before ski holidays, my daughter whispers to my ears that she would love a yellow room. It was like a saying we have in Brazil (yes, I am originally from South Brazil) that goes “Juntou a fome com a vontade de comer” – something like “Join hunger with the urge to eat”. So while she was away, I repainted her bedroom. We spent a few days collecting all kinds of yellow shade samples and she even made her own designs in her SIMS game.

I am one of those people who believes colors are the easiest ways to create a new mood and/or sparkle things up a bit. Painting is also one of my favourite activities. So It was a no brainer and as soon as she was off to Summer camp, I was opening a fresh paint bucket. Painting is a fun and quite physical way to spend time with yourself and for me its therapeutic. I put on my painter’s outfit, choose my favourite Spotify playlist and grab the brushes. I take the time to sing, dance around, and act like a show clown all by myself. I also like to ask everyone to go out so I can have the house to myself while I paint. At last, there is the pleasure of taking of the tapes, I like to tape uncut pieces of tape so they stay as long as possible. When you pull it off, it’s like watching one of those “satisfying” youtube videos or then I also compete with myself of how long pieces I can pull in one go. I like to think of it as appreciation for the small things but I do understand if you think it’s just plain bonkers.

However, the not so little anymore Miss, was baffled when she came home from her camping week to find her room rearranged and yellow.

For the color, we ended up agreeing on a toffee kind of yellow. With the help of the best color chart, my always go to, Symphony Opus II by Tikkurila Oy, we chose together the shade Y396 (Travertini). It’s the perfect blend of light toffee with a golden crisp. Other colors we looked at were F302, G392 and J392. Her room is very tiny and as much as I don’t quite love all the color carnival an 8 year old is able to produce, I want her to be free to express her creativity and use colors as she wants to, so after a year of burgundy walls background, she says she wants lots of light because we must start Summer. Her words.

So there was interior therapy for two. Mom and daughter. One got to use some good energy into the process and the other is happy to have a new canvas for displaying her many colourful objects around. And if we talk color therapy, Yellow is definitely a good choice for kids room as it brings happiness, creativity, fun, intellect and lightness.

Anyone else who likes to redecorate or just update the home by changing the wall colors?!

Would love to hear your stories!