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Last Sunday I had the pleasure of enjoying a girl’s night. I don’t remember when was the last time our girl’s night didn’t involve taping our computer keyboards while the kids run around and needing something every 10 minutes (I guess all mom’s can relate?!). This time it was different. It was supposed to be all about pampering ourselves and what better way to do that then having Katja Kokko joining in withYin Your Skin® and her magic hands.

During the spring, Katja will be launching this delightful Gua sha treatment. Based on facial massage with the help of stone tools. So often we are concerned about our body muscles and frequent the massage studios to relieve some of the tightness and remove all those toxins that, with time, accumulate under our tissues. But as often, we forget our facial muscles (and we’ve got 43 of them). Overtime, we might go on feeling self conscious about our appearance, looking puffy and tired.

The idea of the treatment is to relax the muscles of the face and get the fluids to circulate and thereby reduce the excess swelling. The tools made of different types of rocks have different types of weeds and cavities that follow the body’s own bones during treatment. The spiked combs treat the lines and stimulate the blood flow and lymphatic system all around the facial muscles and the scalp.Katja studied this Chinese medicine-based technology last fall in London and we got to be her test drivers.

Quite honestly, I have always been pretty bad at using lotions and beauty products in general. Hoping nature would be kind to me and I wouldn’t have to spend that extra 5 minutes applying cremes and masks. Who was I kidding?! Past half a year I was feeling like my skin just gave in. Was dry, irritated and filled with little lines I wasn’t ready for just yet. With the Gua Sha, quality toner is applied to hydrated, temperature also plays a role as some of the tools are used hot and cold and to finalise, a good skin oil is also used for moisture.

The result is visible instantly. No joke. My eyes looked more open, the little soft wrinkles where gone and the insistent ones where much softer. It kind of felt like my skin was removed and placed again over my bones symmetrically. The treatment lasted about and hour and I can not put into words the feeling of relaxation.

If you are interested in trying, you won’t have to wait much, Katja will be adding the Gua Sha techniques to her Yin Your Skin® concept and you will be also able to order your own tools so you can do it on yourself and/or enjoying time with your friends testing on each other.

Stay tuned!