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Commercial collaboration with Johanna Gullichsen 

I had the pleasure to be asked to collaborate with one of my favourite brands, Johanna Gullichsen, doing a Christmas story and to invite anyone in Helsinki to join their glögi evening on the 18th of December at the concept store in Helsinki. The event starts at 2 pm and all customers will get -20% discount on all purchases. The best of all, we are ALL invited!

I couldn’t be happier or more flattered. My relationship with all the great people at JG Concept Store in Helsinki goes way back to about 6 years ago when I managed Anna Ruohonen’s Concept store next door to JG’s. As Johanna and Anna are very good friends, it became a routine to visit each other’s store for a coffee or tea. I already had my eyes on many of their products and after getting to know Johanna and her super crew, I became emotionally attach to brand as well. Wasn’t hard as JG is committed to honest design and to a modern interpretation of Scandinavian textile traditions. With a critical eye for customer service, I soon noticed their attitude towards the consumer was as honest, impeccable, positive and carried on with kindness as the values the brand stands for. A true example!

After a lovely morning coffee at their office, I got to choose my favourite pieces for this story and, as unbelievable as it sounds, it was not an easy task as I could had chosen one of everything but as It would be physically impossible, I focussed on picking the ones I would like to have for our own Christmas celebration this year.

The fabrics Palazzo and Parnaso aren’t here as a coincidence. During my last year at Anna Ruohonen, I organised the launch of Anna’s winter collection where this sophisticated yet comfortable textile was seen in the form of a dresses and male suits. I loved it then and I love it now. I can still remember the day the collection arrived in my hands and I was so exited when I first saw this fabrics. I also heard (from the little miss) I am not allowed to take that big golden pillow back because this is just the nicest pillow EVER. I won’t disagree.

Ps: You can find all the Johanna Gullichsen patterns in a variety of color combinations. All color options are available on their webpage.

*The Artek 2nd cycle stool upholstered in Contract Nereus fabric will be hard to let go off. The contract fabrics are an adapted vision of the Normandie collection. With public spaces in mind, it is durable and flame retardant.

Life has been so hectic and busy lately, I had not stop to really think about Christmas yet but while doing this project I could not help but to get exited with all the preparations and the so called Christmas spirit really got to me (it might have been all the ginger bread I snacked on while styling this pictures)… and to the rest of the family. Such, that some of them had to jump into a few shots.

Besides Johanna Gullichsen’s products and fabrics, you can currently find an exquisite selection of products from other designers. The curated collection is warmly called “Hand picked by Johanna” and can be found in Johanna’s store in the heart of Helsinki witch I strongly recommend anyone to visit. Designed by POJAT, the new store is fresh, airy and modern yet with a strong signature that honours the history of Finnish interior architecture.

From “Hand picked by Johanna”

Brass cutlery, Zarro store.
Kastehelmi & Teema tableware, IITALLA.
Christmas decorations, Proloque.
1 -0 Brass candleholder, Lokal
Nathalie Lautenbacher cups, Lokal.
Jatta Lavi ceramic vases, Lokal.
Skruf Pallo vase by Carina Seth Andersson, Artek Helsinki