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Small sauna… Big changes!

During the previous weekend, I decided to turn my tiny old sauna into an inviting place to do what sauna does best… RELAX!

Our sauna was in bad condition and some of the planks were starting to come off. I was also consistently annoyed with the sight of the water heater that had been “cleverly” placed under behind the lower bench and left all in sight. I did not dislike the brown on the wall panels but the benches had been lacquered with something that over time, started to look like someone spread egg yolks all over the wood (yäk!). The lower bench was also so narrow even the kids couldn’t fit. I then redesigned the measures and decided to place a stripe panel around the heater and backrest for some modern feel and comfort. The old hippie in me craved for a place of wellness where I could dedicate to some “me time” surrounded by my essential oils, candles, incenses and what not. I also wanted it to be safe and sustainable as my daughter and my cat (yes, my cat does Sauna) love spending time in sauna with her friends, sometimes actually doing sauna, sometimes just playing.

Luckily for me, Tikkurila had just the right product on their selection. With the help of my trustworthy carpenter and friend, we started by changing the lower bench into a new one just to find out that it wasn’t only old, but it was MOLDED… hyyyiii – disgusting I know! That just gave me all the power I needed to get the job done properly. We ripped off both benches, sanded the panels and stove frame and reattached with proper fixings into the wall. Bought new ready benches and cut them to the right sizes ( I was never so happy to have gone to carpentry courses myself – It felt like adult’s puzzle play). I washed the whole sauna with Tikkurila’s Supi Saunapesu, a miracle detergent that is powerful yet gentle and you can use it to wash & disinfect wood, metal and tiles (It was the only product to ever effectively wash off the horrible lime on the floor tiles) – Needles to say, my OCD self went on and washed the whole bathroom with it. After dried, I did what I do best, grabbed a brush (or 3) and applied Supi Saunavaha.

Supi Saunavaha is a water-based organic wax ,  that thinly absorbs into the wood, protects and gives it a beautiful natural silky look. It comes in ready tinted shades of black, white and gray, straight out of your nearest hardware store’s shelf. In our case, black was a no-brainer choice. I wanted it to be as moody as the rest of our home.. but moodier! One hand of Supi Saunavaha is enough to achieve a gorgeous black shade but in my case, I wanted it to be even darker so I let it rest a bit after the first hand and added another layer for a deeper black. For the safety fact, Supi sauna products are of the best emission class of building materials M1witch means absolutely no harmful substances present in the air.

This renovation happened so fast I can 100% suggest to anyone interest in doing a quick makeover before Christmas, if only painting, it wont take you more than a few hours (maybe a day if you have a very big sauna)  to get that fresh look into your Xmas sauna experience!  I was in total awe and obviously in a hurry to put it to test. So after we finished styling and photographing together with my dear friend Susanna, it was time to grab all the oils and scents and have some well deserved girls time in our brand new, still tiny, but now beautiful and safe sauna!

The excitement was such I even dared to jump in front of the camera in a bathrobe 🙂

Here some “Before” shots

Prop courtesies and charm from Gauhar Helsinki, Mia design, Cilla’s shop, Lapuan Kankurit , Laatikkokauppa & Dream Cozy.