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by Lela Louhio – In collaboration with NOMART.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed we been on a ongoing renovation process. We bought our first house just about 6 months ago and we been slowly renovating as we juggle work and family life at the same time and trying not to take too much stress on the way ( I’m sure many will relate right?! )

Our kitchen is not completely ready yet but I can already share some glimpses of our beautiful new worktop by Corian Design. I have been using their material in many of my interior projects, and I am always so amazed by how versatile this material can be. It can be used in so many ways, for in and outdoors, on architectural, interior and product design.

When we started designing our kitchen, we agreed that we would do a lot of it on a budget, therefore we did almost everything by ourselves (with the help of some priceless talented and skilled friends) but the worktop was something we were ready to invest in and we both, me and my husband had “slightly” different opinions on what we wanted (materials and looks) but as he had gotten to choose the color of our kitchen, I figured I was going to have a bit bigger input into this one. We researched a lot, and after pondering all, we both agreed there was no other choice than Corian plates in Lavarock shade. The main reason for our decision was precisely the lifelong quality of the material. It is durable, resistant and a quality product that will stand up to whatever your life may throw at it.  And by that, I can tell you, this is a house inhabited by two very clumsy girls and a heavy cat who loves landing (read, collapsing ) its kilos on any high surface. So we need something that will support lots of kitchen wear being dropped at it. I am also famous for shopping outside the cutting board frame so I need something that can take it and Corian had it all and maybe in 30 years from now, I will have it lightly sanded to get that shiny back if ever necessary.

My favorite features of this incredible technology are the versatility, timelessness, color availability and monolithic scale. It can be pared with any other material (metal, wood, glass, natural stone, you name it) adding a visual touch or practicality in the design or space.

I am one for the moody tones so Lavarock was the one for me. It is dark but it works perfectly with almost any color I would decide using in our kitchen wall as it has an asymmetric blend of greys with a touch of warm browns all over the pattern that allows me to go from cold to warm palettes on the details, and as things don’t stay the same in this house for long, I just might be updating the background color of the wall once in a while.

Their color chart is wide though, you can really get creative with your designs and give it whatever mood you may be going for.  In my next project, I might be venturing in their new selection of browns and beiges that are just so elegant I can’t wait to have the samples in my hands.

In Finland, Corian Design is imported by Nomart and this has been just such a great collaboration. Nomart has a fantastic showroom in the heart of Helsinki and the best customer service you can expect. The personal truly knows their products, are efficient, and I am sure you will be treated with a smile and a nice cup of fresh cappuccino at arrival.

For inquiries on Corian Design plates, you can also contact their specialist Pekka Hietala who will gladly walk you through all the details and possibilities and a person I can only thank for all the help and for squeezing my project into his busy schedule.

Now we are ready to give our beautiful worktop a very hard time, if you know what I mean! 🙂