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Yes… You heard it right… Pelago of my life!

I have been in an ever lasting platonic love with the Pelago Brooklyn for about 3-4 years now and had just felt condemned to accept the fact we were never meant to be as the bicycle high was not fit for my very long legs ( I am 1,55 tall, so… not exactly the average adult size ). It was one of those busy Thursday mornings that I visited the Pelago store in Helsinki after at a long time since I’d been there last, for an event held by the lovely ladies of Cozy Publishing to launch one of their new beautiful books (In this case, Blossom by Laura Syväniemi – a must have in my humble opinion) I decided to, just for the sake of chat, ask about the bicycle and it was with tons of joy that I was told they had launched a limited edition of the Brooklyn model in partnership with a Japanese company and the same bicycle was now made in a slightly smaller size.

Needless to say, I was thrilled like a child who just got a massive sized cotton candy after a 10 hours day at the amuzement park! It is the same bike… just that tiny tiny bit smaller so all my 1,55cm self can cruise around in absolute comfort.

I don’t think I have been driving a bike this much since I was a small child and besides the beautiful brooks saddle in Camel brown, my favorite kinda brown, I now need to pimp it up with a nice and spacious basket and maybe I might add a new grip to match the saddle… hummmm… 🙂

So yes… this relationship has gone from platonic to “Happy ever after” and one could say it was love at first ride!