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by Lela Louhio

After a very very long time looking to buy their first home, the Louhio troupe finally found the perfect place to call their own! Throughout 2 years, the family looked at a large amount of possible homes, but there were tons of compromises on their way (location, type, size… and yes, a very tight budget! ) . The hunt came to an end when they visited this charming 73m2 twin house built in 1980 in a small neighbourhood called Puistola, in Helsinki.  Fairly a new house for the standards they were after, the compromise felt like a must, no more than 15 min to the center and yet feels like a country side village with beautiful old wooden houses and new minimalistic designer houses blending nicely in harmony – This was the very first time Mr. & Ms. could agree on the same house! Lela and the wooden panels & gable roof where love at first sight, the little misses had all her wishes met with a very own back yard and nice stairs (a 2 floor home was all she hoped for 😀 ), from the 2 existing closets, one was turned into a music studio where the Mister gets to have his alone time and the little lady practices her piano lessons, a small sauna and 2 bathrooms feels like luxury even before a very needed renovation!

Lela is attracted to a moody interior with vintage furniture combined with a few design classics. Lots of oldies paired with moody dark walls can be seen in this home. As the house is divided in 2 floors, the choice of dark shades wasn’t an easy one but Lela was decided to make it work. A wilder colour palette was also considered, a few shades of warm muted colours, the pairing of the old fiber glass wallpapers with dark wall added texture and comfort. In 2018, Lela can’t wait to grab a hammer and bring down a wall and make more space in the living area, the kitchen will get some attention too and the old cabinets may be just fine with a new layer of fresh Tikkurila paint and new handles… What do you think?!