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by Lela Louhio

Once upon a time there were two friends… A former Brazilian hippie & a Finnish Punavuori hipster and they received a golden ticket to a far far away magical organic farm known as Frantsila! 😀

Friends, I could actually write a fairy tale out of this incredible weekend! But seriously… the two friends are real and so is the organic Frantsila farm.

It was Sunday about 10 am. when I checked my messages and there was the little red button telling me I have a new message. It was my lovely friend Susanna inviting me to join her on this “slightly different” adventure. I was more than quick to say yes and in a week we were on a bus to Hämeenkyrö. It was November and in Southern Finland that means darkness, moist and some more darkness… But we had a mission and that was to spend a weekend of relaxation and pampering we very well earned and deserved. Filled with essential oils, healthy diet, fresh air and Yoga practises. Exited but with average amounts of expectation, little did I know I was up for one of the best weekends I spent in a very very very long time.

On the bus I couldn’t help but to feel like I was 13 again and the journey just made me more exited. We arrived at a bus stop literally in the middle of nowhere… It was pitch black… there was no city lights and our first view was of a clear sky fully sprinkled with little shiny sparkles of light. Soon our host arrives and takes us to the farm. Things escalate to better and better by the second as our host, Anna, felt like a long term friend fairly instantly and offered us a home baked vegan muffin. 10 minutes after the muffin we are standing in the middle of this enchanting garden surrounded by over 100 years old wooden houses. We step inside what is to be our own commodities and the place is fantastic. Our beds reminded me of the one in The Princess and the Pea, one of my favourite childhood tails, fresh bedding, special cosmetic scents and lotions on a basket, the smell of pure wood and it’s creaking sound. It was looking too good to be true and we were finally able to leave our worries behind!

Saturday started at 6.30 and by 7 we were out on a long walk through the fields nearby followed by a long breakfast were we got to know our host Anna better and soon I understood I was under her spell. How quickly can you be amazed by someone??!! The tree of us laughed and talked about just everything that came to mind and I most probably had 3-4 cups of coffee. After we started our journey to know the tails of this special place, how their 100% organic products are born and how they are innovating their brand image. YES… besides being all together great, the new packaging is now simply beautiful thanks to Anna and her talented team.

Two hours of Shiatsu and some proper guiding on how to keep it all good and working I hit “peace-shock” state of mind, that blissful place in your mind when all is calm, all is perfect, you can barely move but you are having a laughing attack!

A delicious plant based lunch, a long walk throughout the farm with Anna listening to all kinds of stories about the farm, the village and what not. It was then time to visit the Master house and make our own perfumes and body scrubs. When we saw the house and the table set with all those essential oils, dried flowers and little chemist gear we looked at each other and I am sure I saw glitter pouring out Susanna’s eyes in total cheer!

We felt like real witches under the candle light making our own potions! After that we had dinner sauna and like two children who sneak unpermittedly into their mothers bathroom, we put on every single lotion, oil, mask perfume ( you name it ) we could find in the sauna shelf. After that we had a meditation section and for 20 min we were able to be in complete silence and I think I managed pretty ok for someone with “fast fast fast” disorder. I peaked at Susanna for a sec and was sure she had reached Nirvana 😀

On Sunday we had Yoga class with Virpi Raipala-Cormier, the founder of Frantsila and Author of Luontoäidin Kotiapteekki ( Mother Nature – Home pharmacy ) and it was time to be on our way home. The whole experience, place and people are unforgettable and I am truly grateful for the opportunity and even more, for having find in Susanna, the Yin friend to my Yang self. I can’t wait to be back there and want to suggest anyone to visit this marvellous place and try their products.

I can tell you, if you want to hipsterhippie anywhere, that is the place to go!

Thank you Frantsila, Sugar Helsinki, Anna and Susanna <3

* PS: For the parents who have children with difficulties to sleep, stay tune and I’ll be giving some tips I learnt at the farm and that have worked wonders on our home!

Pictures by Lela Louhio & Susanna Vento.